Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Universal Data Adapter – Defining an Import Format and pulling data from an Oracle Data Source

In the final blog about Universal Data Adapter, we are now going to define an Import Format that maps to the relational Oracle data source and pulls data from the table into FDMEE. This will be a pretty small post since we have finished most of the customization for enabling FDMEE to access the data source in the previous steps.

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The FDMEE Import format is as shown in the below snapshot.

Observe the Source, Source Type and the Source Adapter are all pointing to the Oracle data source that we had created previously.

The next snapshot shows me mapping the fields to the corresponding fields of the Target application.

Once the mapping is done, click on the “Regenerate ODI Scenario” button. The snapshot after clicking the button is as shown in the below snapshot.
The next snapshot shows that the ODI Scenario has been generated successfully.

I now define a location for the import format. This is shown in the next snapshot.

I now define a data load rule as shown in the below snapshot.

Observe the Source Options that I only want data to come through for Entities which are like E-1. This customization was done from the Source Adapter.

The Calendar setup for this is as shown in the below snapshot.

In the data load workbench, when I go an click on the Import button, the data gets successfully imported from the Oracle database table as shown in the below snapshot.

Just to ensure that the data is actually coming through as expected, I insert another record for E-1 entity in the FINRPT_STAGING table.

The data in the FINRPT_STAGING table is as shown in the below screen grab from the relational table.
On clicking the Import button once again, the data is pulled from the relational table as shown in the below couple of snapshots.

 Thus, we have now used Universal Data Adapter to integrate data from Oracle database table into FDMEE.

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