Sunday, 16 July 2017

Hyperion Planning application – Getting information about application from your plain old LCM

In this blog, I would be talking about getting information about Hyperion Planning applications out of an LCM extract. Now suppose it’s a normal business day and you get an LCM extract that you need to import and create a new application in say your test or dev environment. This happens quite often that you need to test out some data issue or so on. Now, the thing is you have no idea how the application is setup since you do not know the start month and the end month, how many years are there in the application and if it supports the multiple currencies or not. Since these are important to define an application, let us see if we can dig into the LCM extract of a Planning application and get this information.

The following snapshots shows me creating a standard Hyperion Planning application.

Now, let us take an LCM extract of the application. Expand this path in LCM as shown in the below snapshot:
Configuration->Properties->Application Definition
Configuration->Properties->Application Settings

The LCM has executed successfully.

Now if you open the zipped folder, and navigate to the path, you will find a file called as “Application Definition.xpad”. This is shown in the next snapshot.

Open this file and you will see that all the options that you had chosen initially while creating the application is available in this file in an XML format. The contents of the file is shown in the next couple of snapshots.

So the next time you get a Planning LCM extract for an application that you don’t know much about, just go through the XPAD file to see how the application has been defined.

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